Final Accounts

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Ahead of the Ulster Hockey AGM, the date of which will be advised shortly, the Management Board of Ulster Hockey are delighted to present the final accounts for the 2019/20 financial period. 

Financially speaking, 2019/2020 was always going to be a difficult year. We had both reducing income streams and upward pressure on costs.  That said, sterling efforts on the part of all staff and volunteers, we have produced very respectable results.

The early finish to the season became very difficult to manage, with some playing programmes being either deferred or cancelled. Additionally, some anticipated costs did not materialise within the year, but others may rear their heads later in 2020, if we can get started properly this summer.

Ulster Hockey remains in a strong financial position and capable of providing a wide range of programmes to all interested parties. The forthcoming season will bring many new and, as yet, unknown problems as we attempt to reinstate some degree of normality and migrate to the new company structure.

The Management Board and Finance Committee remain eager to accommodate as many programmes and initiatives as it can, but, as always, prudence must remain the watchword.

Final Accounts 2019 to 2020

Marc Scott
Executive Manager

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