Panel Umpiring Questionnaire

Panel Umpiring questionnaire

The Umpires Executive committee is committed to ensuring that Panel Umpires enjoy their umpiring and are respected by Clubs and players. To achieve this UHUA provides a package of measures including :- • Coaching and assessment • Suitable equipment The specific answers to these questions will be anonymous and not shared directly, there will however be a general report given on the survey at the UHUA AGM.
1. Do you feel that you are respected by players, clubs, coaches or managers ? Yes/No
3. Do you feel adequately supported by UH? Yes/No
4. If you are affiliated, to a club do you feel that you are valued/rewarded/appreciated by that Club? Yes/No
6. Do you fully understand the revised Umpire pathway? Yes/No
8. Do you feel the current UH expenses process, adequately covers your costs? Yes/No
10. In the Intermediate, Senior 2 & 3 Leagues would you be supportive of a few games being scheduled Wednesdays/Fridays to support Umpire development? Yes/No
11. Do you believe that having panel Umpires appointed to more leagues would be of value? Yes/No

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