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Ulster Hockey has received a number of requests to postpone matches from clubs due to issues related to COVID-19 and the impact on playing squads.  To ensure a consistency of approach, and to allow decisions to be made in a timely manner allowing reasonable time for all affected teams to be informed, the following process must be used to request a postponement:


1 – The club requesting the postponement must put the request by email as soon as possible to the Ulster Hockey Executive Manager  – – no later than 10.00am on the Saturday of the weekend where the fixture takes place (including Sunday fixtures) OR 4 hours before push back whichever comes sooner.   Late requests will not be considered and failure to fulfil fixtures will result in the matches being deemed to be forfeited.


2 – The request should detail the number of players unavailable due to COVID or self-isolation, the basis for self-isolation (i.e. PHA guidance) and the match(es) where postponement is sought (date, time, opposition).  If possible the opposition team’s match secretary/secretaries should be cc’d.


3 – The Executive Manager will liaise with the Competitions Committee, consider the facts in the request and a decision will be arrived.  The Executive Manager will inform your club of the outcome by email copying in the Competitions Committee Chair, Relevant Fixtures Secretary and Domestic Hockey Officer.


4 – Where a request for a postponement is accepted, Ulster Hockey will confirm this in writing to both clubs however the Match Secretary of the requesting club must also contact the affected opposition club.


5 – Where a request for a postponement is rejected and the requesting club fails to fulfil the fixture, this team will be deemed to have forfeited the fixture.


This process relates ONLY to requests for postponements due to COVID issues and requests for postponements for other reasons should be made in accordance with Rule 10 (a-f) and Appendix B of the Ulster Hockey Competitions Rules and Regulations for season 2020/21.

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