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20 Feb 2021 | Club Information Slider

Ulster Hockey in partnership with Sport NI will be running an ONLINE Club Development plan workshop on Wednesday 3rd March from 7.00pm-9.15pm.    

The workshop is most suited to clubs starting the journey of creating a club development plan or who are interested in developing one, however clubs that have commenced the journey may also find it useful to add structure.  Within the recent Sport NI Club Survey Club Development Planning was highlighted as an area that clubs wanted support with so the workshop is designed to meet this.  Clubs will not leave the workshop with a plan in place, but they will understand the steps to undertake and a framework to develop it along with whose input is required and how they can use it. 

There will be 10-15 minutes pre-learning required for participants (reviewing a video and workbook). 

Workshop Content

Planning is the key to the future for all clubs no matter their level, activity or size. Planning helps to: Look at where the club has come from, where it is now, where it wants to go and how it is going to get there. This workshop aims to support clubs to work towards a simple framework to create a club plan, understand who needs to be involved and what areas should be considered.

By the end of the workshop you should:

• Understand why it is important to have a Club Development Plan.

• Understand the steps to create a plan using a simple framework.

• Understand how to set a vision, objectives and actions.

• Understand how to use it , who should be involved and how to start.


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