Sports Sustainability Award

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Ulster Hockey is pleased to announce a total investment in hockey from the Sports Sustainability Fund  of £151,399.  This investment represents the single largest direct government investment directly into hockey clubs. And payments will be distributed to the clubs once Ulster Hockey is in receipt of the funds.

There was a lower number of hockey clubs applied to this award than we may have expected or hoped for; and we are also aware that the final offer to hockey was lower than the application amount.  We have had positive engagement with Sport NI in this regard and have been provided with complete transparency on the process implemented to lead to each individual award.  Ulster Hockey continues to liaise with clubs which may be disappointed in the outcome of the award.

Ulster Hockey wishes to commend in the strongest possible terms the Sport NI staff and management for their valuable support and guidance throughout the process and for the efficacy with which the award has been delivered.

The awards received by both Ulster Hockey and our clubs will provide a platform from which clubs can return to hockey in strong position, and we hope to see a full return to sport in the coming weeks and months. 

A full breakdown of awards received can be found on the Sport NI website:

Ulster Hockey Union Approved Award | Sport NI

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