Summer Transfers 2018 Premier League Men

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The Men’s Ulster Premier League will be underway with a number of player movements to catch up with


Out: Jason Roe (Bangor)
Ethan Creighton (Uni in Scotland)
Andrew Morrison (Uni in England)
Sammy Clyde (Instonians)
Johnny McMeekin (injury)

In: none

Coach: Alan Mullan
Captain: Dean Wilson



In: Adam Tweed from Harlequins (Def/Midfielder)
Harry Dow from Mossley
Jason Roe from Antrim (Def/Midfielder)
Chris Barnes from Instonians (Forward)
Out: Ryan Burgess to Annadale (wanted to play IHL1)

Coach: Scott Parker
Captain: Simon Cox



In: Michael Watt Returning home to his first club Instonians from Hampstead and Westminster Former Irish International.
Ross Blair from QUB.
Michael Keane back to Instonians from QUB.
William Carey from Lisnagarvey.
Sammy Clyde from Antrim.

Out: Chris Barnes to Bangor.

Team Captain: William Robinson
Head coach: Stephen Watt
Assistant coaches: Mark Evans and Johnny Quigley



In: David Glenny (Mossley)
Out: David Rae (Banbridge)

Captain: Gareth Russell
Coach: Colin McConnell



In: none
Out: Matthew Sullivan to Saintfield
David Glenny has moved back to Kilkeel to play IHL 2

(New) coach: Ali McNeill
Captain: Matt Anderson



In: John Taylor in from Annadale.
Out: None

Coach: Robin Madeley
Captain: Colin McKnight



In: none
Out: none
Captain Ross Anderson
Coach Richard Shields



In: Toby Finn after time out,
Paul Ritchie from Garvey,
Harry Paterson from Annadale
Henry Clark and Jordan Lynet from Campbell

Out: Andy Coates retired,
Phil Wilson stepping down.
Captain: Ross Linter
Coach: Gareth McKeown



In: Neil Gilmore from Banbridge.
Out: Josh Rowe back to uni in England Jordan Brown switched to football!

(New) coach: Jonny Brown
Team captain: Adam Stevenson



In: Scott McCabe Lisnagarvey
Paddy Hunter Lisnagarvey
Conor Monteith Lisnagarvey
Matthew Warnock returning from placement.

Out: Callum Anderson back to Cookstown
Thomas McRoberts: Germany placement
Aaron Doyle: South Africa placement.

Captains: Ross Kelly and Sam Shepherd.
Coaches: Mark Burns & Billy McConnell.


South Antrim

IN – Hugo Henderson (Lisnagarvey) 
Callum Patterson (Lisnagarvey)
Tim Curragh (no club)
James Ritchie (Lisnagarvey)
Lee Marshall (out of retirement for ‘one more year’)
Mark Hutchinson (reconsidered retirement)
Mark Conn (returned from Uni)

Andy Farrell (football)
Adam Marshall (work)

Coach – Steven Dawson
Captain – TBC



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