Group A
Banbridge Acad 2nd XI (Win Group)
Wallace High School 2nd XI (Runner-up)
Kilkeel H.S 1sts
R.S. Armagh 1sts

Banbridge Acad 7 v 0 R.B.A.I,Kilkeel 0 v 1 Banbridge Acad,Wallace 1 v 1 R.B.A.I,Wallace 4 v 3 Kilkeel,Banbridge Acad 3 v 2 R.S. Armagh,Kilkeel 1 v 1 R.S.Armagh,R.B.A.I 0 v 5 Kilkeel,

R.S.Armagh 1 v 3 Wallace,Wallace 0 v 4 Banbridge,R.B.A.I. v R.S.Armagh(Not Played)

Group B
Portadown College 1st XI (Win Group)
Friends School 2nd XI (Runner-Up)
Methodist College 2nd XI
Lurgan College 1sts

Portadown 3 v 0 Methody,Methody 0 v 5 Friends 2nds,Lurgan 2 v 4 Methody,Friends 6 v 0 Lurgan,Portadown 5 v 2 Lurgan,Friends 0 v 1 Portadown

Group C
Sullivan Upper 2nd XI (Win Group)
Ballyclare HS 1st XI (Runner-Up)
Bangor G.S 2ndXI
Antrim G.S
Friends’ School 3rd XI

Bangor 0 v 5 Sullivan, Sullivan 5 v 0 Friends 3rds,Sullivan 1 v 1 Ballyclare H.S,Ballyclare H.S 5 v 0 Friends 3rds,Antrim 2 v 3Ballyclare H.S,Antrim 1 v 3 Sullivan,

Friends 3rds 1 v 4 Bangor,Ballyclare 1 v 1 Bangor,Bangor v Antrim,Friends 3rds v Antrim

Group D
Regent House ( Win Group)
BRA 1st XI ( Runner – Up)
Ballycastle H.S
Campbell College
Grosvenor G.S

Campbell 4 v 4 B.R.A,Campbell 3 v 1 Grosvenor,Grosvenor 0 v 3 B.R.A, Ballycastle 1 v 1 Grosvenor,Regent 5 v 0 Campbell,Ballycastle 0 v 6 Regent,Regent 1 v 0 B.R.A,Ballycastle 1 v 1 B.R.A

Grosvenor 0 v 7 Regent, Ballycastle 2 v 0 Campbell


( 1) Regent 2 v 0 Wallace (Winner of this tie at home in semi-final )

( 2) Sullivan 1 v 2 Friends 2nds (A.E.T.)

( 3) Portadown 1sts 2  v 0 Ballyclare H.S (Winner of this tie at home in semi-final)

( 4) Banbridge 2ndXI 8 v 0 B.R.A 1sts

SEMI-FINALS Regent 2nds 2 v  2Friends 2nds Regent won on penalties

Portadown 1sts 1 v 3 Banbridge Acad 2nds  a.e.t

FINAL     Regent 2nds v Banbridge Acad 2nds   Tues 18th Dec

Group Stages
(i) To ensure schools play their matches on time, all group matches must be mutually arranged between schools by Friday 14th September 2018 and dates of each fixture sent to the Chairman at

(ii) If any fixtures are not arranged by Friday 14th September, then the Committee will impose dates if necessary.

(iii) Group matches MUST be completed by Saturday 17th November with any outstanding fixtures being determined void.

(iv) If you are playing a side you faced last season, the venue must be reversed.

(v) Each team in a five team group must have two home and two away fixtures, and each team in a four team group must have at least one home fixture.

(vi) Quarter-finals and semi-finals will be played at the end of November, with the final early December.

(vii) In all Group matches, match length is 2 x 30 minutes and 3 points are awarded for a win with 1 point for a draw.

(viii) Top two teams only from each group will go into quarter-finals.

(ix) If tie for 1st place, then group winner will be decided in the following order: 1. goal difference 2. goals scored 3. result(s) from the original group match(es)

(x) Quarter-finals & Semi-finals:
a. In the quarter-finals, group winners will be drawn at home to another group’s runner-up. In the semi-finals, a draw will determine the ties and which teams will have home advantage.
b. Each match will be 2 x 30 minutes in length with 2 x 5 minutes extra time (silver goal) if needed.

i. if scores still equal, a replay of 2 x 30 minutes at the opposite venue.

ii. if scores still equal, then 2 x 5 minutes extra time (silver goal).

iii. if scores still equal, a penalty stroke competition of 5 strokes with different takers.

iv. if scores still equal, a sudden death penalty stroke competition using the same 5 stroke takers until a winner is determined.

(xi) Final:
a. To be played at a neutral venue pre-determined by the Sub-Committee, with the ‘home’ team decided by the toss of a coin.
b. Teams will get 30 minutes on the pitch before hit-off. Any further time wanted is to be paid for by the schools’ concerned.
c. Match length: 2 x 30 minutes
d. If scores are equal at the full time, then a penalty shoot-out will take place to decide the winner (see ‘Section S’ of Rules). Please note, there is no extra-time.