About UH

Ulster Hockey is one of four Provinces that together form the Irish Hockey Association (IHA). The Irish Hockey Association, as the overall governing body for the sport across the island, is the principal body responsible for the development of hockey at all levels. 

In its relationship with the Irish Hockey Association, Ulster Hockey has responsibility for the administration, development and delivery of hockey within Ulster. 

Following the amalgamation of the Ulster Branch of the Irish Hockey Association (UBIHA) and the Ulster Women’s Hockey Union (UWHU) to form the Ulster Hockey Union (UHU) in May 2009. 

The origins of the Ulster Branch of the Irish Hockey Association dates back to December 1896 where a meeting was held to discuss the forming of an Ulster Hockey Union to further the interests of hockey in Ulster. The UBIHA grew and grew over the following 110 years until the amalgamation with the Ulster Women’s Hockey Union in 2009. 

At present, the Ulster Hockey Union currently has over 16,000 participants playing the sport on a weekly basis and with efforts to grow the figures in the next few years, hockey in Ulster has a bright future ahead. 

Within the Ulster Hockey Union there’s over 70 clubs (Men & Women) competing in the various league and cup competitions being held within the 2018/19 Calendar.