Ulster Hockey Clubmark is a club development programme aligned to Sport Northern Ireland’s Clubmark NI, which is designed to support sports clubs to continue to develop in order to meet the demands of the 21st century. Ulster Hockey’s Clubmark programme has been specifically adapted for hockey to offer hockey clubs a range of support in the form of support officers, resource pack and online resources, based around a common framework of minimum operating standards for hockey clubs.



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Step 1. 

Section 1 – Effective Club Management 

Clubmark section 1

Support Templates 

1.5 Club Development Plan Template UHU

1.6 Equity Policy  

1.7 Membership Pricing Structure


Step 2. 

Section 2 – Community Engagement

Clubmark section 2

Support Templates

2.1 and 2.2  Including People with Disabilities in Your Club Guidelines

2.4 and 2.5 Club Partnership Form

1.5 and 2.1 Club Development Plan

2.6 Volunteer Policy Framework

Volunteer Now website


Step 3. 

Section 3 – Quality Coaching and Competition 

clubmark section 3

Support Templates

3.2 Role Description Club Communications Officer

3.2 Role Description- Assistant Coach

3.2 Role Description Club Development Officer

3.2 Role Description Club Secretary

3.2 Role Description Club Treasurer

3.2 Role Description Club Youth Coordinator

3.2 Role Description Club Youth Team Manager

3.2 Role Description- Lead Coach

3.2Role Description Club Chairperson

3.4 Coaching Programme Template


Step 4. 

Section 4 – Creating a Safe Environment


Support Templates

4.7 Sample Application Form for new Youth Members 4.6 Parental Consent From with Photographic consent 4.6 – Confidentiality 4.4 Attendance Register 4.3 Incident Report 4.3 Accident Report 4.3 Accident Guidelines 4.1 Risk Assessment


Step 5.

Section 5   – Safeguarding members

Clubmark section 5

Support Templates 

5.1 Safeguarding Policy Template

5.1 Safeguarding Template Appendix

5.6 Code of Conduct for Coaches Template

5.7 Code of Conduct for Children and Young People Template 

5.8 Code of Expectations for Parents and Guardians