BDO NI McCloy & Pearson Cup Primary School Festivals

The McCloy (Girls) and Pearson (Boys) Cups are primary school hockey festivals.

Both festivals are running from February to March 2022, with the McCloy finals day on March 30th and the Pearson Finals day on April 1st. Both competitions date back more than 30 years and are growing in numbers year on year with more schools taking part in more areas across Ulster.

With a progressive and exciting sponsor in BDO NI for the next 3 years both festivals will only get bigger as we move forward.

Check out the video below of 2019 BDO NI McCloy and Pearson finals:

To register your school for a regional qualifying event, click the link below:

For any further inquiries please get in touch with the UHU Youth Development Officer ( 07850 059139).