Umpires Rules Course & Examination

These courses will give prospective umpires a solid grounding in the rules and regulations of field hockey, including the new rule changes for this season and their interpretation and allow umpires to confidently umpire for their club and for the Ulster Umpires Panel (should they wish to do so).

The next umpires rules course will take place in August 2020.  Course dates will be advertised in June.



Rules of Hockey

The FIH are the international governing body for hockey, and are responsible for the rules of Outdoor Hockey (11 a-side), Indoor Hockey, Hockey5s, Beach and Para-ID Hockey.

Below you can download the rules for each format of the game.

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At the convenience of the touch of a button, you can be sure to have the latest rules of Outdoor Hockey on-the-go. Covering the must-know for both players and umpires including a Quiz feature and Videos.