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Codes of Behaviour 

Ulster Hockey has adopted the IHA Code of Ethics document in order to ensure a consistent approach within Hockey for the safeguarding of children and young people. The Code of Ethics document details Codes of Behaviour/Conduct for a range of people involved in hockey. Please click on the specific links below for further details on the Code Conduct for specific roles.


IHA Code of Ethics

The Irish Hockey Association is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of it’s participants. In working with young people the IHA’s first priority is the welfare of young people. Therefore, the IHA has developed a guidance document for all affiliate Branches and clubs in relation to Code of Ethics.  Every club, Branch and Association affiliated to the IHA should adapt this Code to suit the individual organisation and name specific people, their role and their contact details.


Hockey wants to provide the best possible environment for all young people involved in the sport.  Young people deserve to be given enjoyable, safe sporting opportunities, free of abuse of any kind. The IHA and affiliates are fully committed to safeguarding the well-being of its participants. 


Every individual in hockey should at all times, show respect and understanding for participants’ rights, safety and welfare and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the organisation. In order to support its affiliate branches and clubs, Irish Hockey produced its own Code of Ethics for Young People. The Code clearly lays out the following, which should be followed by all members:

  • Guidelines and Codes of Conduct: For players, parents and sports leaders
  • Policies and Procedures: Disciplinary Procedures, Recruitment Policy and Sports Leaders and Volunteers, Bullying Policy, General Guidelines with Children
  • Guidelines on use of photographic and mobile equipment
  • Child Protection Procedures
  • Downloadable reporting forms, application forms, standard agreements, declaration forms


For further information in relation to the Code of Ethics please contact –

Ulster Hockey Designated Person – Hilary Reid



National Children’s Officer – Laura Cullen



National Designated Person – Dwyne Hill