Umpire Development Pathway

The pathway aims to support the growth of umpiring in Ulster in an efficient and sustainable manner.

The initial focus is on growing the base of umpires through accessible step by step courses, before further developing umpires through opportunities and support at provincial, national and international levels.

The diagram below illustrates the new and improved pathway which will replace the current National Umpire Awards Course. In its new format, the umpiring pathway will provide accessible practical and theory courses to the whole Hockey community. The online rules test must be completed before an individual can sign up to the Fundamentals of Umpiring module 1. Fundamentals module 1 must be completed in its entirety before signing up to Fundamentals module 2.

(Please note: The Young Hockey Leaders Award and Young Umpire Programmes are not pre-requisites for online rules.)

Once an individual has completed their online rules and Fundamentals Modules 1 and 2, they will be recognised as a club umpire (a club umpire means an individual has the skills to begin umpiring unappointed club games but will not yet have been assessed). Completing all three steps will be the equivalent to completing the National Umpire Award Course.