2020 John Minnis Burney Cup Final – Friends & Sullivan to share title

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May 2020 was meant to see Ulster Hockey host the final of the John Minnis Burney Cup in its 100th Year.  Unfortunately the suspension of all hockey and subsequent decision to consider the 2019/20 season concluded has meant that this historic occasion could not be fulfilled. 

The Ulster Hockey Board would like to announce that the two finalists will share the title and that the teams of Friends School, Lisburn and Sullivan Upper School, Holywood as joint winners.  The teams would likely have had a keenly fought final fitting of the occasion and it is certain that both teams would have preferred the opportunity to resolve the issue on the pitch, however it is a worthy achievement for both teams reaching the final and deserving of recognition.

Ulster Hockey hopes that in time there will be a suitable opportunity to host a reception to formally recognise the teams and present the medals but in the meantime would like to congratulate the players of both sides on the achievement.

The successful squads were:

Friends School, Lisburn

Ryan Kirkpatrick (GK), Ross Little, Matthew Thompson, Joel Whitten, Scott Patterson, Conor Irwin , Oliver Kidd (C), Rory Brown (C), Matthew Aughey , Jack Simpson (GK), Jamie Anderson, Conor Quinn, Mackenzie Connor, Harry Archbold, Ben Aughey , Christopher Leckey, Harry Scott, Ethan McDonagh

Coaches: Mr Craig Cunningham, Mr Drew Campbell, Mr John Watson


Sullivan Upper School, Holywood

Fraser Todd (GK), Harrison Dunlop (GK), Michael Trimble (C), Tom McClintock , Ben McDowell, Patrick Haley , Patrick Rose , Sam Anderson , Djay Erskine , Daniel Girvin , Harry Yarr , Conor Matthews , Connor Smith , Jack Crossan, Jonny Crookshanks , Jake Chada , Daniel Dines

Coaches: Paul Osborne, Johnny Quigley, Cole Chambers



Having attended the two semi-finals of the John Minnis Burney Cup, I was looking forward to a top quality exciting final between two well matched and extremely talented sides.

Little did we know that following the double header at Shaws Bridge on 11th March all hockey throughout the Province would be terminated and the playing season come to an abrupt halt.

Not only would this Final have been the pinnacle of your school playing careers, but for me as Ulster President the 100th Burney Cup, was to be the highlight of my year in office. Ulster Hockey had made plans to mark this Centenary occasion with not only a dinner, but a commemorative programme and a “walk on” of players from past Burney Cup finals.

I would like to congratulate all players, coaches and parents from both Friends School and Sullivan Upper on your achievements and commitment this season and I hope to see ALL of you at the rearranged reception later this year when maybe” handshakes” will be acceptable again and genuine face to face congratulations can take place!

In the mean-time stay safe,

Terry Templeton – Ulster Hockey President

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