The Woodenfloor Company Senior Girls Super league Groups Stages

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The Woodenfloor Company Senior Girls Super League returns this weekend with fixtures set to take place across Ulster.

The group stages are set to run from this Saturday until October 7th with the knockout stages scheduled to start later that month. Meanwhile, this year’s finals will once again be held at Lisnagarvey Hockey Club on November 22nd.

Last year’s Tier A winners have drawn in Group 1 alongside Portadown, Friends, Ballymena and Grosvenor as they look to retain their title. Elsewhere, last season’s Tier B champions Larne Grammar will now compete in Group 2 of the top tier where they will face Banbridge, Wallace, Coleraine and Omagh.

With the current holders now out of Tier B, the competition is up for grabs as four groups compete for the competition with their fixtures set to get underway on September 16th.

The full fixture list of all groups can be seen below:

Tier A 


Group 1

Royal School Armagh, Friends Schools Lisburn, Portadown College, Grosvenor Grammar, Ballymena Academy


9th September     RSA vs Portadown               Friends vs Grosvenor

16th September   Ballymena vs Friends          Portadown vs Grosvenor

23rd September   RSA vs Friends                    Grosvenor vs Ballymena

30th September  Grosvenor vs RSA                Portadown vs Ballymena

7th October          Ballymena vs RSA                Friends vs Portadown


Group 2

Banbridge Academy, Coleraine Grammar, Wallace High School, Omagh Academy, Larne Grammar


9th September      Banbridge vs Wallace            Coleraine vs Omagh

16th September    Larne vs Coleraine                  Wallace vs Omagh

23rd September   Banbridge vs Coleraine          Omagh vs Larne

30th September   Omagh vs Banbridge              Wallace vs Larne

7th October          Larne vs Banbridge                  Coleraine vs Wallace


Group 3

Belfast Royal Academy, Methodist College, Ballyclare High School, Victoria College, Limavady Grammar


9th September       BRA vs Ballyclare                   Methody vs Victoria

16th September     limavady vs Methody            Ballyclare vs Victoria

23rd September    BRA vs Methody                    Victoria vs Limavady

30th September    Victoria vs BRA                      Ballyclare vs Limavady

7th October           Limavady vs BRA                  Methody vs Ballyclare


Group 4

Strathearn, Sullivan Upper, Rainey Endowed, Dalriada


16th September    Strathearn vs Rainey               Dalriada vs Sullivan

30th September   Sullivan vs Strathearn             Rainey vs Dalriada

7th October           Strathearn vs Dalriada            Sullivan vs Rainey


Tier B

Group 1

Lurgan College, Foyle College, Bloomfield Collegiate, Antrim Grammar


16th September     Lurgan vs Bloomfield                 Antrim vs Foyle

23rd September     Foyle vs Lurgan                          Bloomfield vs Antrim

30th September     Lurgan vs Antrim                       Foyle vs Bloomfield


Group 2

Royal School Dungannon, Dromore High School, Carrick Grammar, Royal and Prior


16th September       RSD vs Carrick                      Royal and Prior vs Dromore

23rd September      Dromore vs RSD                   Carrick vs Royal and Prior

30th September      RSD vs Royal and Prior       Dromore vs Carrick


Group 3

Belfast High School, Regent House, Glenlola Collegiate, Kilkeel High School


16th September       Belfast HS vs Glenlola           Kilkeel vs Regent

23rd September      Regent vs Belfast HS              Glenlola vs Kilkeel

30th September      Belfast HS vs Kilkeel              Regent vs Glenlola


Group 4

Down High School, Cambridge House, Lagan College, Cookstown High School


16th September           Down vs Lagan                           Cookstown vs Cambridge House

23rd September          Cambridge house vs Down      Lagan vs Cookstown

30th September          Cambridge house vs Lagan      Down vs Cookstown



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